Prices and Forms

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Pets 5 years or older please call clinic for information and prices

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Dogs (Male or Female)

0-25 lbs $85
26-50 lbs $105
51-75 lbs $130
101lbs + $200

Cats (Must be in individual carriers)

Females $55
Male $40

Additional charges will apply for in heat (dogs only), pregnant (dogs only), umbilical hernias, cryptorchid and/or aggressive behavior.

Other Services

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Pre-surgical Bloodwork is available the day of surgery

Your pets kidney/liver functions will be evaluated as well as screening for anemia and dehydration. These tests are available for all pets, however, if your pet is over 5 years old lab work may be required to ensure that your pet is a low-risk candidate for anesthesia complications. Please call the clinic for details.

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Additional services are provided at time of surgery only

Rabies (required for all pets 4 mo. old and older) $15
DHPP/Bordetella Vaccination-Dogs $15
FVRCP Vaccination-Cats $15
Heartworm Test $20
Heartworm Preventative $20-40
Microchip $25
Feline Leukemia/FIV Test $25
All animals 4 months or older must have an up-to-date rabies vaccine.
Proof must be shown (certificate only) at time of surgery or a rabies vaccine will be given at that time.
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